Search Engine Indexing

Like a billboard in the middle of the desert, a website is nothing without internet traffic. Our SEM and SEO consultants work hard to ensure your website is indexed properly! Linkeo works with local potential buyers who are already seeking your services in your area. With help from Google, we’ll even guarantee a healthy amount of website visitors.

That's Linkeo’s commitment to you!

How do you guarantee internet website traffic? How do I know if they’re qualified? It’s simple.

SEO & SEM | Linkeo Web Agency

Search Engine Marketing : Step 1

Linkeo isn’t just a corporate site design specialist; it’s a full-service SEO company. Our SEM marketing experts ensure your website won’t go unseen. Google is the search engine leader, hosting over 90% of queries, classed by region and activity: ex., "Find a mechanic/locksmith/painter within 10 miles of Concord".

This precious data is available to professionals via Google Adwords—which helps us estimate how many potential clients are currently seeking services in your local area, then drive them to your website!

Search Engine Indexing

Search Engine Optimization : Step 2

Your site appears in the organic results of search engines if it’s optimized for all platforms (responsive web design), if the site copy is relevant, and if it’s updated regularly. This is why we include SEO analysis in our full-service packages.

Our work is guided by the SEO best practices developed serving over 23,000 clients from 150 different business activities.

SEO & SEM | Linkeo Web Agency

Paid Search Engine Marketing : step 3

We also specialize in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing services. To help you advertise online, we integrate commercial touchpoints and manage Adwords campaigns customized to your services and local area, guaranteeing you the maximum possible visits in exchange for your monthly investment.

With this powerful combination of SEO, SEM and PPC, we can contractually guarantee a minimum number of visits to your website starting with an investment of 450 AED per month.